Saturday, October 1, 2011

2 pizza day

Oops, I missed a day of blogging and consequently my blog views have dropped like flies! It's really unsatisfying to see that. I like instant gratification. I left home then didn't come back all day, so I had pizza twice. One was good and cheap the other was bad and overpriced. Oh well.

Good pizza: "The Newman" from this pizza chain called Two Boots on Bleecker St. It has sausage and sopresatta on a while pizza. They have lots of weird specialty pizzas here.

I don't even know what this mess of a pizza is and I also don't know how I ended up at this restaurant in Little Italy or why we were there, I think it was my fault. This also probably explains why I still ate more than half of the pizza even though I was very critical of it. Judging by this picture, it has arugula, pecorino romano, and sausage, which all sounds great put when it tasted like it was on top of a heated up frozen pizza, but maybe like 1.5 steps up from that. I mean I eat frozen pizza and I like it, but not if I have to pay whatever I paid for this. But that's what I get for not eating anything but that 1 pizza slice all day and hoping that would be enough to keep me going through the night. I am such a messy eater sometimes too. I remember having a hard time with this one.

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