Wednesday, August 24, 2016

its my life

So I was planning on being productive today, but kept getting derailed by other things like finishing Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix for the 500th time, or walking the dog, or making my eyeliner even (it still isn't), or throwing my money at the IRS for taxes that I apparently owe and no longer am getting a refund on. Decided to keep up my un-productivity by updating this old thing. Ok let's see what I've been eating for the last year. These are not highlights, but just the photos on my phone that I was able to select in 2 minutes before I got tired of scrolling. 

Oooh. Breakfast at Colonia Verde in Fort Greene. It's a Latin American restaurant, which seems like a really broad categorization to me but I guess it's not supposed to be specific to one country's cuisine. Those are some grilled vegetables and sausages and cheese and arepas. 

Home made sushi, cute. 

Went to Sushi Yasuda few weeks later. Haven't seen sushi since. It was a ~life changing~ eating experience. I also learned that I am too loud and abrasive for fancy dining people. I tried to talk to the sushi chef and asked him what he was making (it's omakase, so the chefs choose what to make) and he goes *deadpan voice* "I'm making sushi." Got too intimidated to be like "haha duh I know but WHAT KIND?" He smiled at me in the end though. Small victories. 

(see below)

I love Japanese aesthetics 

Various cuts of tuna 

Oyster, scallop, other raw white seafoods that I forget. Squid, I think. Didn't think it was possible for sushi to taste salty, sweet, and sour all at the same time, but also, separately. Doesn't make sense. 

My favorites!!!!!! Love it when the eggs pop in your mouth. 

Yes I love you. 

My new favorite Korean BBQ spot in flushing. Feels like Korea. 

Went to Jamaica. Ate the fruits of the sea. I picked that lobster from the cage it just got caught in. Or maybe they planted it there to trick a tourist like me?? No way. It was still wiggling when it was split in half and on the fire. Likelihood of me moving there 9.9/10

Ok there the sizes go like this: mini, small, large. Maybe medium? But before we knew that, we ordered small thinking it wouldn't be a lot hehe. Finally figured it out. Jamaican sizes are in line with my food portion requirements. 

Wow, getting depressed about my current life thinking about how chill things are when you're on vacation somewhere tropical. Just kidding, it's a nice summer. But really, how much better would it be if it was like this every day? Mmm, some curry shrimps and rice, I forget what the green vegetables are. Festivals!! Jerk chicken, soft bread. Plantains. Lots of hot sauces. 

Dim sum in Sunset Park. Dumpling wrappers are my favorite food texture. 

Nice. Very rare. 

Obviously at my favorite place in the whole world, John's!! My friend Frankie doesn't work there any more, I think. One day he was gone and they said he was on vacation... :( I miss him. 

My eternal temptation.

Omg. My favorite Korean restaurant in Flushing. Myung San. Having a car is nice because they you can go eat anywhere. Even nicer when you're not the one driving it. Wheeee!

Snack time at King Sauna in NJ. I want to live there when it's empty. Pink leather couches and PJss and perfectly controlled temperatures all day is very chill. The food is actually good too. 

At home. This is the quality of food I always compare to when I eat other Korean food. Nobody can ever make anything as good as my mom does, except for the few things she just doesn't make. :-P This was New Years day, eating traditional rice cake soup w dumplings (I was making those at 11:59pm Dec. 31)

Most likely a really late night snack. Do you see the face? 

Ok to end on a healthy note. I made it! It took a long time.