Friday, February 6, 2015

hey it's me

maybe a year ago, there would be times when i would desperately rack my brain for conversation topics because i'm weird and can't talk to people, and i would say "hey, did you know i have a food blog?" because that is a surefire way to make friends. anyway, i don't say that anymore because i've heartlessly abandoned this blog and forget that it exists. :-( but yesterday i ate something so good that i remembered this old thing and here i am. 

bossam is probably one of my most favorite korean foods ever-- pork belly that you wrap up with cabbage, spicy radish kimchi, lil salty shrimps, and some red pepper paste yeah. i know this korean angel who made it last night (i've only ever had it in restaurants) and i will be dreaming of that taste forever. not even my mom has made this for me. 

but she did make me this ^^^ spread every night while i was the way my parents moved out of their house in mukilteo and now when i go back "home" it's going to be some town totally unfamiliar and in a new house. it's weird and sad and i can't believe i miss mukilteo.

i also ate this crazy pizza. you would never find this pizza in new york, probably. this is the kind of pizza they were thinking of when they invented frozen pizzas-- heavy dense crust loaded with an overwhelming amount of toppings (frozen pizzas don't succeed on this front but this is a good thing BTW).  

ok i like in-n-out 

i also like hot dogs