Friday, July 24, 2009


So the plan was to go to Pallinos and get that amazing turkey pesto sandwich. But instead, I ended up at Atlas Foods which was SO MUCH BETTER and I had the greatest sandwich of my life. I think people really underestimate how hard it is to make a really good B.L.T sandwiches. I realized this at the end of last semester when I started eating lots of B.L.Ts as a way to eat a lot of bacon minus the guilt. First, the bread should be perfectly toasted and crunchy. I got a B.L.T today at Jimmy John's and it was a bad idea because their bread was all sub-by and soft. Secondly, the bacon has to be thick and crunchy but still a little chewy. I know the Met bacon is nothing like that, but if you used enough of it, it was still GOOD. But I think that was kind of obvious. Thirdly, there has to be enough mayonaise. The mayo really makes the sandwich. God, it must really suck to be a vegan/vegetarian (sorry Kayla and others). Also, I think leafy lettuces is much better than shredded lettuce.

So in conclusion, this was the best B.L.T I have ever had, except it was not really a B.L.T because there was avocados in it, making it a BLAT. It was an avocado spread, but it was perfect because it wasn't too thin or too chunky to stay in the sandwich. The 'A' could also stand for aioli, which is what they used. At the time, I couldn't remember what the difference between aioli and mayo is, but it seemed to taste better. But when I googled it, the internet told me that lots of restaurants just put aioli because it sounds better and it's almost the same thing. Except not because aioli has garlic. So my point is I don't know if it actually was aioli or if my brain tricked me into believing that it was because I thought it tasted way better.

Also, these fries were amazing. So perfectly crunchy on the outside and hot and soft on the inside. I was also happy to eat a real pickle. I have not had a good pickle since I got to RISD.

I am going to Yellowstone on Sunday. Then Banff. In a car full of 7 Asian family members, 4 of whom are my aunts, cousin, and mom. I think we all know what Asian women tourists are like. I mean, I am excited and I like my family, but I am also scared. God have mercy.

So long suckers! I'm going to eat a bison burger when I get there. I also love Canadians.

Monday, July 20, 2009

some stuff i've passed through my digestive system

So since my dairy-crisis, I have been making some things that I can eat without feeling like I want to throw up. I've also been testing my limits and currently it stands at 1 quesadilla, a glass of milk, and an ice cream, which is really not that bad considering lots of people can't even eat that. And apparently cheese is not as bad as milk, which is good news. And in regards to my hula-hooping, it has not been going that well. It is this cheap-o one from the Asian grocery store that is supposed to talk to you while you hula hoop. It is really weird and I should have just gone to Toys-R-Us. Anyway, these pictures are in no way reflective of my productivity this summer.

Yesterday I made this lemon basil chicken, but it turned out kind of funny and I didn't like it, so I used the left overs and put them in an omelette this morning with cheese, tomatoes, onions and potatoes. I thought it was good. The egg was not big enough.

I also made this lemon garlic spaghetti with tomatoes and some basil. Apparently lemon, basil, and garlic are the only 3 ingredients in my house.

This is from the day after I decided not to have very much dairy but then failed when I ate sour cream on my tacos. I made pico de gallo, which is so easy to make and also so delicious. Just chop up onions and tomatoes and cilantro and add salt and pepper. I put some garlic in mine. I also like leaving the seeds in the tomatoes because it makes it jucier. I wish I had used limes instead of lemons though. It tastes better when you let it sit in the fridge for a few hours before eating it. This picture is from before that.

This is my herb garden. There is parsley, basil, rosemary, and thyme.

These are from the farmer's market a few weeks ago. Earlier that week I was at Aarons house when I discovered that he has strawberries growing in his driveway. I ate them and they were so good... So then I had to get these at the farmer's market. The are so tiny, but so much sweeter than those giantic ones from the grocery store.

HEY someone should photoshop my pictures so I can be on Tastespotting and take over the world. They are apparently "low contrast, and not sharp." I'm not entirely sure how to make that better because I think these pictures look fine, but then again, I only know how to press the button on my camera and upload them onto my computer, so if you are bored, you should help me.

Monday, July 13, 2009

i think i've become slightly lactose intolerant. dairy makes me feel bad. my life is over. i can't eat anything i love any more. tomorrow i am going to not have any dairy to see if that's why i have been feeling bad. i hope it's not true. no feta or milk or wallaby yogurt. no pizza or cheeseburgers/fries, no grilled cheese or mac and cheese, or tacos with sour cream, no baked brie or mozzarella sticks, no potatoes au gratin or parmesan on my spaghetti, or string cheese or cheesey bread or cream sauces, or cheesecake, no cheese in my omelettes or my sandwiches. i guess if you really think about it, this could be good for me because it pretty much elminates everything unhealthy, which i tried to do but really didn't have enough self control for it. but i feel like the universe is really screwing me over because today i started usuing my hula hoop. i even got an herb garden in a pot! I AM OBVIOUSLY TRYING!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Why I should fear bone density loss

Today was probably the laziest day of my entire life, although not an entirely inaccurate description of a good part of my summer/life. I woke up. Then I sat mindlessly in my bed for two hours pretending that I was actually not lying in bed because my bed is really a futon that has been moved out of my room into the family, serving as a temporary couch. Then I decided that if I moved to a real couch, I would become more productive. So I climbed some stairs, and sat in the sun on my couch for a while, read a book. Then I ate something and moved back to my bed and sat around some more. Then I realized I hadn't left the house and was practically immobile all day, so I took a walk around my cul-de-sac and got hungry. So I made some macaroni and cheese, and thought maybe it wouldn't that unhealthy because it didn't come from a box. I was wrong. The food made me sleepy, so I took a 20 minute nap that turned into 2 hours. I woke up and was hungry again somehow. I ate some more. Then my dad came home with a bag of bread someone gave him for some reason. Apparenly asians love giving food as gifts. There was lots of different bread and there hadn't been bread in my house in so long, so I got excited and ate a bagel. I watched something, and started to fall asleep because I have to wake up at 6. But I got hungry again. So I thought, maybe if I just take a bite of this powder sugar jelly donut it will satisfy me. It didn't, so I drank some milk, which made me want more of the donut, so I just finished it, watched 5 minutes of a show about a dying person, and thought, "I'm glad I have my health."And then I went to brush my teeth, but my legs had fallen asleep from sitting too much and there was powdered sugar all over my face. That's when I realized my future is not looking bright. Tomorrow I am going to buy a hula-hoop.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

no job makes me a more productive blogger

Not having a job is the most miserable thing ever. I could probably have a job if I decided to work at Bed, Bath & Beyond again, but I feel like that would be so much worse. I should probably ask for more days of work at my internship. Anyway, without a job, I've still been eating so much, even though I don't know where the money is coming from. I went to Kosta's yesterday, which is one of my most favorite restaurants ever. I could probably eat there everyday and not get sick of it. But if you do ever go there, I would stick with the Greek food items, but then again, who is actually going to order a regular old turkey sandwich at a Greek restaurant?

I've already posted a picture of this a long long time ago, but this isn't from the same day. It's the same meal though. It's a gyro and the best greek salad ever. There pile of feta on top creates a little dressing pocket then once you get to that part, it's like dressing lava erupting on your salad mountain. I also didn't get feta cheese on my gyro for the first time ever (they charge $1.50 for it!), and it was just as good and I didn't even notice. But I still love feta. I was going to get the greek calzone, but they were out of dough. When the waitress told me they couldn't make it, I thought they meant forever and it took me a while to recover from the shock. The only problem with the Gyro Plate is that if you order it from the dinner menu, it costs way more and they don't give you greek salad or fries. I think.

Spanaokpita and tyropita with greek salad. (Note: I spelled both those words correctly on my first try and I didn't even have to google them) It's phyllo dough filled with feta and the other is filled with spinach. I'm not sure which word belongs to which filling.

There are lots of things I really hate about living in Mukilteo, but I love Kosta's so much that it's enough to make me forget all those other things. I've been to Aladdins and that one gyro place in Pioneer Square that is supposed to be really good and the meat comes in little chunks not strips, and even though I know there are probably better gyros out there, I like Kosta's the best.