Monday, July 20, 2009

some stuff i've passed through my digestive system

So since my dairy-crisis, I have been making some things that I can eat without feeling like I want to throw up. I've also been testing my limits and currently it stands at 1 quesadilla, a glass of milk, and an ice cream, which is really not that bad considering lots of people can't even eat that. And apparently cheese is not as bad as milk, which is good news. And in regards to my hula-hooping, it has not been going that well. It is this cheap-o one from the Asian grocery store that is supposed to talk to you while you hula hoop. It is really weird and I should have just gone to Toys-R-Us. Anyway, these pictures are in no way reflective of my productivity this summer.

Yesterday I made this lemon basil chicken, but it turned out kind of funny and I didn't like it, so I used the left overs and put them in an omelette this morning with cheese, tomatoes, onions and potatoes. I thought it was good. The egg was not big enough.

I also made this lemon garlic spaghetti with tomatoes and some basil. Apparently lemon, basil, and garlic are the only 3 ingredients in my house.

This is from the day after I decided not to have very much dairy but then failed when I ate sour cream on my tacos. I made pico de gallo, which is so easy to make and also so delicious. Just chop up onions and tomatoes and cilantro and add salt and pepper. I put some garlic in mine. I also like leaving the seeds in the tomatoes because it makes it jucier. I wish I had used limes instead of lemons though. It tastes better when you let it sit in the fridge for a few hours before eating it. This picture is from before that.

This is my herb garden. There is parsley, basil, rosemary, and thyme.

These are from the farmer's market a few weeks ago. Earlier that week I was at Aarons house when I discovered that he has strawberries growing in his driveway. I ate them and they were so good... So then I had to get these at the farmer's market. The are so tiny, but so much sweeter than those giantic ones from the grocery store.

HEY someone should photoshop my pictures so I can be on Tastespotting and take over the world. They are apparently "low contrast, and not sharp." I'm not entirely sure how to make that better because I think these pictures look fine, but then again, I only know how to press the button on my camera and upload them onto my computer, so if you are bored, you should help me.


Anonymous said...

I can teach you how to edit your photos when you get back to prov.

joseph said...

Lily, without you I don't make food for myself, or rather am around someone who makes food for him/herself. I'm not going to say that that means you like food more than I do because I know you will lord this comment over me FOREVER but I think that need to get my act together and start making food a more important part of my life again.

Also, I think that this has been more a confession of my food sins and less an observation on how awesome your blog is so I just want to say that that was a good post and made me want to cook food because you're so good at it.

joseph said...

Also, also, please excuse the atrocious run-ons.

Jeremy said...

You can probably fix the sharpness issue by steadying your camera against a piece of furniture, bracing with your elbows, and holding your breath when you click the's not as overwhelming as it sounds. It looks like they're usually well lit though so that might not be the problem. As for contrast, it can be easily adjusted in Iphoto. Just click on the the photo, click the edit option at the bottom of the screen and there's a lot of sliders to fidget with. You can probably change the sharpness this way too but it become too artificial.