Friday, July 24, 2009


So the plan was to go to Pallinos and get that amazing turkey pesto sandwich. But instead, I ended up at Atlas Foods which was SO MUCH BETTER and I had the greatest sandwich of my life. I think people really underestimate how hard it is to make a really good B.L.T sandwiches. I realized this at the end of last semester when I started eating lots of B.L.Ts as a way to eat a lot of bacon minus the guilt. First, the bread should be perfectly toasted and crunchy. I got a B.L.T today at Jimmy John's and it was a bad idea because their bread was all sub-by and soft. Secondly, the bacon has to be thick and crunchy but still a little chewy. I know the Met bacon is nothing like that, but if you used enough of it, it was still GOOD. But I think that was kind of obvious. Thirdly, there has to be enough mayonaise. The mayo really makes the sandwich. God, it must really suck to be a vegan/vegetarian (sorry Kayla and others). Also, I think leafy lettuces is much better than shredded lettuce.

So in conclusion, this was the best B.L.T I have ever had, except it was not really a B.L.T because there was avocados in it, making it a BLAT. It was an avocado spread, but it was perfect because it wasn't too thin or too chunky to stay in the sandwich. The 'A' could also stand for aioli, which is what they used. At the time, I couldn't remember what the difference between aioli and mayo is, but it seemed to taste better. But when I googled it, the internet told me that lots of restaurants just put aioli because it sounds better and it's almost the same thing. Except not because aioli has garlic. So my point is I don't know if it actually was aioli or if my brain tricked me into believing that it was because I thought it tasted way better.

Also, these fries were amazing. So perfectly crunchy on the outside and hot and soft on the inside. I was also happy to eat a real pickle. I have not had a good pickle since I got to RISD.

I am going to Yellowstone on Sunday. Then Banff. In a car full of 7 Asian family members, 4 of whom are my aunts, cousin, and mom. I think we all know what Asian women tourists are like. I mean, I am excited and I like my family, but I am also scared. God have mercy.

So long suckers! I'm going to eat a bison burger when I get there. I also love Canadians.

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PURPLE said...

i had a blta for dinner tonight. WACK.