Sunday, May 24, 2009

I AM BACK + CELL FONE PIX (this is for you Neal Uno)

The reason why I am a flaky blogger is that I never remember to carry my camera because I hate carrying bags/purses and it won't fit in my pocket. But sometimes it's just too good to miss and I have to take some cell phone pictures. But I can't upload them onto my computer so these are pictures of cell phone pictures. This is how a lot of my posts will look from now on, I think.

Met snack time plus avocados:

Met burger + onion rings + avocados

Met hot dog + onions + avocados
I think that avocados are like bacon and they make everything taste better.

This is from a different day, different phone. Vegetable tempura from Spice.

One day, Dylan and I ordered this pizza from Dominos and it was delivered so quickly and eaten so quickly on the floor of my small room.
Canadian bacon (or ham, don't remember) + pineapples + onions + bacon

Monday, May 4, 2009

I think there won't be any REAL posts until I go home this month. Too much to do and I don't eat anything that hasn't already been posted. I thought maybe I would do an homage to RISD Streetwalkers ( and take pictures of other peoples' food but I'm only ever in the Met at weird hours everyone eats the same thing because there's no food. So I've resigned myself to only eating complex carbohydrates and looking at other better food blogs until I can go home and eat real food again.

Here is some food art for you to look at:

Also, I wanted to share this:

because it is what I want to eat the most right now. But please don't leave me for another blog with more posts because YOU (GUYS) ARE ALL I HAVE. I love you.