Sunday, May 24, 2009

I AM BACK + CELL FONE PIX (this is for you Neal Uno)

The reason why I am a flaky blogger is that I never remember to carry my camera because I hate carrying bags/purses and it won't fit in my pocket. But sometimes it's just too good to miss and I have to take some cell phone pictures. But I can't upload them onto my computer so these are pictures of cell phone pictures. This is how a lot of my posts will look from now on, I think.

Met snack time plus avocados:

Met burger + onion rings + avocados

Met hot dog + onions + avocados
I think that avocados are like bacon and they make everything taste better.

This is from a different day, different phone. Vegetable tempura from Spice.

One day, Dylan and I ordered this pizza from Dominos and it was delivered so quickly and eaten so quickly on the floor of my small room.
Canadian bacon (or ham, don't remember) + pineapples + onions + bacon

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