Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pineapple rings

I feel like my blog readership has increased threefold since I last updated, and so I feel kind of bad about this inadequate post. But never fear. This is just the beginning to the most excellent documentation of food ever. A very long beginning, perhaps. Depending on whether or not somebodydylan gives me food pictures.


Friday, March 7, 2008

Sometimes the Met doesn't suck

A few weeks ago my faith in this school's food services was completely restored when I found this little sandwich box in the Met. Then I went to go eat dinner and it was bad cafeteria food all over again. It was good while it lasted. Also, I've discovered that I don't hate Tabasco sauce, but I actually kind of love it.

These sound so delicious for my stomach and so terrible for my arteries. Putting a salad in a bacon cup isn't going to prevent the heart attack, so I say just go all out and putt scrambled eggs in them instead. I haven't tried it yet. The .01% of my brain that is concerned for my health is telling me not to. I have a feeling that if I was photographed eating one of these, I would look like a doctor's office "unhealthy choices" poster child circa 1999. But it would be so worth it. What do you think?