Sunday, March 16, 2014

I can't believe that I've been taking crappy pictures of food for 7 years. I think that's the longest I've ever stuck with anything. So for the millionth time, here is yet another installment of "Boring Pictures of Things That I've Eaten."

Steak and eggs over easy with rice, beans, and chimichurri from Beco, a Brazilian restaurant around the corner from the studio where I've been working. This place rules.

Little dessert cups, kind of forget what was in them. The one on the left was topped with toasted coconut, the middle one was passion fruit pudding or flan or custard whatever, with cheese on top?? It was really weird but delicious once I let my tongue process the strangeness of it. Not sure that I would eat it again though.  

Fried okra and a fried chicken salad from Bobwhite, an itty bitty Southern restaurant in the East Village. I forgot to take a picture of the pimento grilled cheese sandwich, which was amazing and painful at the same time. 

I started putting roasted red peppers in my bodega breakfast sandwiches as a way to brighten things up a little and give it a kick because I hate sriracha now.

And since I dislike sriracha, it makes no sense that I made this dark food monstrosity one night. Bon Appetit has this recipe for peanut butter toast with scallions, sriracha, cilantro, lime juice, and salt. It makes sense if you think about Southeast Asian food and flavors. So using this toast as inspiration, I thought that adding feta cheese to peanut butter would be a good idea. It was not. I honestly have no idea what I was thinking or why I did it. I guess I thought feta would be tangy and salty like the way lime juice is?? And that the sriracha would give it the same kind of zing? God, I don't even know. You can judge me. I do.

This is just my usual hang over breakfast from the diner across the street except this time I wasn't actually hung over, just really tired. But my waiter told me he could tell I was hung over because the last few times I've been in there, I've been wearing the same thing--my pajamas. Ugh, my life.

 A self-date lunch: lobster claw bloody mary, lobster roll, chips, pickle, and some disappointingly gross coleslaw

This shi-shi little food store opened up across the street and they have fancy cheese and charcuterie. It's one of those stores that can sell sriracha and dried beans in a bag for more money than they're worth because it's cute. I'm not hating on it, I like it. I go there all the time because on the inside I'm just a boring person with the same tastes as a Fort Greene mother of two. Anyway, they also have sandwiches. This one is classic: butter, ham, cornichons...the bread could have been better though, I didn't like all the seeds on it.

Green toast: avocado, arugula, and little pieces of sour and spicy pickles from Sahadis. And a piece of salami because I can't be a vegetarian. 

This is fake pizza. Vegan pizza...? Actually there is no such thing because vegan pizza isn't pizza. This is a toasted pita with avocado, cucumbers, tomatoes and a drizzle of olive oil and lemon juice. Actually I put feta on top after so it's not vegan. Maybe something a mom-food blogger would call "Healthy Pizza" and that would make me mad because it's not pizza. Apparently I've got a lot of feelings about what makes a pizza, a pizza.

Monday, February 17, 2014

day & night

In my last post I talked about "dark food," more commonly known as "drunk food" or "the munchies" or more accurately, "depressingly gross food." I have separated the following pictures from the past few weeks into two categories: day and night. Coincidentally, the bodega where I do a lot of my late night snack shopping at is called Day & Night, and I am best friends with the man who works there. I could go more in depth about what makes these pictures day food or night food but I think that is maybe pretty self explanatory. 


 I have really been into savory oatmeal lately, but only if its the steel-cut type of oatmeal. It's more like grits or something. I've been treating the oatmeal like rice: sesame oil, a little soy sauce, scallions, avocado, and a little bit of chopped kimchi. I'm not sure how the sausage fit in but it was breakfast time. Try it! Put an egg on it too.

Super Bowl snacks are one of those foods that could float between "day food" and "night food" depending on its context. This was before 11 pm and I was sober. Therefore, this is day food.

 Chorizo and egg torta

Smoked salmon and sweet potato salad on creme fraiche, topped with sesame seeds

A super non-descriptive photograph of a great steak sandwich I had at Beco. It's right around the corner from my studio (yes! I rent time at a printshop now! putting my degree to good use, hopefully). The sandwich was oozing cheese and it came with a chimichurri sauce that helped brighten it up a bit. Plus cornichons. I love miniature versions of anything. 

Ok now we begin the descent into the dark. 


 Chocolate chip pancakes and "a little" whipped cream. John's Donut and Coffee opens at 5 am. I stayed awake until 5 am so I could get there when it opened. Actually the truth is that I fell asleep on the couch around 3:30 and my friend woke me up at 5 to tell me that the diner was open.

A frozen bean and rice burrito from Trader Joe's but I put avocado and hot sauce on it so it's ok!!

One night after work, I went into Day & Night to get some kombucha and strawberry Pop Tarts. But then, there was a guy getting a hamburger. And then after I talked to him very seriously about what he was gonna eat, I wanted one too! So I did it.

As you can see, this is more tragic than a McDonald's hamburger. 

But based on his photograph, where there is an empty burger-sized space, one might assume that I, blinded by "hunger," ate the whole damn thing.  The curly fries were really good too. Day and Night has the best fries on the block. It's a small block.

This last picture is a little bit like a self portrait. It's me as a half eaten, cold slice of pizza illuminated by the light of my computer, which if you look closely, is on the Facebook site. 


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

snacks after midnight

Because I work night hours, I've developed some really bad eating habits. Actually, the truth is that I have some really bad (and gross) late night eating habits but I've developed some good excuses for them, like: I work late, 2 am is like my 6 pm, I didn't have time to eat dinner, the service industry makes me like food more than people, I'm not sober. You know. If I'm smart, I'll try to sleep it off or eat a stupid banana or something. But most of the time I make the dumb choice and eat all the bad snack foods while trying to alleviate my guilt by giving myself small portions (over and over). I know that eating a small square of chocolate 16 times in 10 minutes is still the same as eating the whole bar of chocolate...but everyone lies to themselves sometimes. 

The following pictures are kept in a depressing folder on my desktop that I have labeled as "dark food." First, because I consider the hours after midnight and before 7 am my most dangerous and deadly snacking hours. Secondly, these pictures are really bad. Third, the food can be weird.

This is the best Ritter Sport flavor. It's like breakfast in a chocolate bar.

 A quesadilla smeared with an avocado. You'll notice that the plate is resting on my stomach and that I put my knees up to block the light of the T.V so that I could take this picture.

White cheddar flavored Pop Corners and blue and red "Sour 'Sghetti" Haribo gummies. I had to dump the bag out on the table because there were hardly and green ones and that's my favorite flavor. Not a good combo of snacks but I ate it all anyway.

The funny part about this picture is that I brought out a book pretending that I was going to read it and eat my snacks but I'm pretty sure I watched Malcom in the Middle instead. This snack plate is deceptive--the prosciutto, figs, and goat cheese (plus the book, I guess) make it seem like a nice mid-afternoon bite. But then there's chips and salsa, a pickle, and a mini serving of coffee Haagen-Dazs ice cream. So that's how you know this was actually after midnight.

Pretty: duck proscuitto, arugula, orange?? 

Sometimes eating alone late at night can get lonely. I like to have friends: a Sriracha smile on a cheese slice on a cracker. 

A little bowl of honey roasted peanuts, two cornichons, an olive, and 4 little pieces of brie. I am not entirely sure that the olives or the cheese were in good condition.

There are also times like this one, where I don't even try to kid myself with small portions and I go all out. Plus the guy who works the late hours at my bodega really eggs me on, so that's how I ended up with this grilled cheese sandwich AND a pack of Hostess powdered donettes. You can see that I still tried to trick myself though-- a bottle of chia kombucha to make it a balanced meal.

This one is unrelated to this post but I found some of my L.A food pictures. No explanation needed for this one, huh? My conclusion is that the fries are bad, the burgers are good, Shake Shack is better, but I would definitely go again, no hesitation.

Monday, January 20, 2014


Hi, this is pretty overdue. At least it is for those 2-3 people who have been checking my blog daily since I last updated it, but I'm 85% sure that's just Google Dashboard tracking me checking my blog from different computers. I've still been eating, obviously. So in no particular order, here is my life from the past few months, sporadically documented and but always 100% accurately represented by food:

Breakfast club, same stuff as always

Except this time I also made jalapeno cheddar spoon bread and a frittata.

I actually didn't do any of the hart part of making a frittata--which is the actual cooking/flipping part. 

A fried shrimp taco, fish taco, and ceviche tostada (I was in L.A. duh)

Some tropical tiki bar drink that got me drunk but I didn't notice until a few hours later

More tacos -- shrimp, black bean....and I forget the other one. I think it was steak maybe. Obviously still in L.A. 

I went to Roscoe's Chicken and Waffle House. I also got mac and cheese and grits and gravy.  I think this was my first real time with chicken and waffles--I've had them before but like, weird ~trendy~ versions. Like buckwheat waffles or something like that. Anyway, now I get it. Crunchy and fluffy, sweet and salty, buttery and sticky. It makes sense.

They also have all you can eat Korean BBQ which was the best and worst thing could have happened on this trip. This was just our first round. The rest I gave up on taking pictures of. 


A tempura fried egg

I liked the actual egg, but the tempura part was sort of weird. It was crispy and whatever, but it's like getting the guacamole at Subway. It's just there to make the food sound better but it doesn't really make a difference. 

A sad hot dog in Venice Beach

The hot dog was then followed by the most perfect crinkle fries I've ever had. We had to wait an hour for the french fry guy to open up, but I just watched a lot of teenagers skateboarding.

Duck confit at Balthazar (yes, my parents visited me)

Pan roasted chicken covered in fried spƤtzle

Saffron risotto with shrimp and chorizo

Biscuits smothered in the most gravy I have ever seen on one plate

Shrimp and oysters

Thanksgiving dinner with Melissa's family

 A pate sandwich from Le Barricou

Passover with Melissa's family featuring her mom's most amazing brisket and latkes, which I also ate again on Thanksgiving the next day.

A chocolate donut with sea salt

Baked eggs for breakfast

I had a snack party

I also had a lot of solo snack parties


Tuna Nicoise 

My mom's braised short ribs with chestnuts and yams. She made the plate look so pretty but then I ate a lot of it before I remembered to take a picture

My mom always makes this for me either on the day that I get home or the day that I leave. :)

The MoMA cafeteria or restaurant whatever (the one on the second floor) has this chickpea salad that I really like--with beats, oranges, pea shoots, and a lil hummus a the bottom.

The end.