Thursday, July 9, 2009

Why I should fear bone density loss

Today was probably the laziest day of my entire life, although not an entirely inaccurate description of a good part of my summer/life. I woke up. Then I sat mindlessly in my bed for two hours pretending that I was actually not lying in bed because my bed is really a futon that has been moved out of my room into the family, serving as a temporary couch. Then I decided that if I moved to a real couch, I would become more productive. So I climbed some stairs, and sat in the sun on my couch for a while, read a book. Then I ate something and moved back to my bed and sat around some more. Then I realized I hadn't left the house and was practically immobile all day, so I took a walk around my cul-de-sac and got hungry. So I made some macaroni and cheese, and thought maybe it wouldn't that unhealthy because it didn't come from a box. I was wrong. The food made me sleepy, so I took a 20 minute nap that turned into 2 hours. I woke up and was hungry again somehow. I ate some more. Then my dad came home with a bag of bread someone gave him for some reason. Apparenly asians love giving food as gifts. There was lots of different bread and there hadn't been bread in my house in so long, so I got excited and ate a bagel. I watched something, and started to fall asleep because I have to wake up at 6. But I got hungry again. So I thought, maybe if I just take a bite of this powder sugar jelly donut it will satisfy me. It didn't, so I drank some milk, which made me want more of the donut, so I just finished it, watched 5 minutes of a show about a dying person, and thought, "I'm glad I have my health."And then I went to brush my teeth, but my legs had fallen asleep from sitting too much and there was powdered sugar all over my face. That's when I realized my future is not looking bright. Tomorrow I am going to buy a hula-hoop.


PURPLE said...

please publish a book

PURPLE said...

you can use ur prntmaking skillz,

complete with photos and drawings!

lazy lily said...

Silly lily wong, ride your bike to the shore and wrassle Octopus then get dumplings bike back.