Friday, October 7, 2011

3 pictures for 3 days

Except that title is a lie since I ate all of this in one day, but I feel bad for missing 2 days of food blogging. Can I update it from my iPhone? I would if I knew how.

I went back to Eissenberg's. Thursday's special is the Meatloaf sandwich. I got that plus potato salad plus extra gravy and pickles. You can also get a meatloaf platter. The sandwich is just some meatloaf shoved between some bread, but I guess that is what a sandwich is anyway. I'm just used to sandwiches having like more than 2 ingredients and extra frills, but this place doesn't make sandwiches like that. That's what makes it good though.. I think it's the sort of food that I would use the word "honest" to describe. Anyway, this sandwich was great. I just poured some gravy onto it and went to town. I probably looked pretty gross sitting at the counter alone with gravy running down my face. The potato salad was not good though. It was just weirdly vingeary and choked me with the mayonaise. Gag

Pho from Nam Son
This was fine, but I think I have had lots of better pho in Seattle. I probably just haven't found a good place here yet though.

What are these called in Japanese? They are little fried balls with octopus bits and..I don't even know. It seemed like some savory pancake batter but with a more solid consistency. I'm guessing on top is some kewpie mayonaise and dried fish flakes. Real good, I would eat a bucket

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KYM said...

Lily, the last one is called Takoyaki in Japanese. it's octopus balls. Like, balls of batter with a piece of octopus inside. And yeah, that's kewpie mayonaise and dried bonito flakes on top. ;)