Sunday, October 30, 2011

Brooklyn Label

Really huge veggie burger made with black beans, topped with pickles, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, and guacamole with fries. From Brooklyn Label in Greenpoint (sry Kate)

I don't really like ordering the vegetarian version of things, like tofu sausage or veggie chilli or ~vegetarian fajitas~ and its really all bell peppers and rice. I need some steak in there, ok? I also avoid veggie burgers because I don't think that they are an acceptable substitute for a 1/2 patty of ground beef. And I feel like there's no in between...they either are awful or they are great, and usually I think they're awful. But today I wasn't feeling prepared for that much meat and the veggie burgers here are supposedly really good, so I gave it a chance. It was a great decision. It's enormous and dense, like it didn't crumble apart like some veggie burgers I've had. I could only eat half. My only problem with this "burger" is that there really wasn't that much guacamole, and I didn't even notice it. I hate it when restaurants include guacamole/avocado on or with your food then hardly give you any at all, as if the extra $1.50 they added to the price was really worth it. This is one of my biggest pet peeves. Like, come on, if the guacamole is spread so thin that the bun looks like it's growing mold, there's not enough on there for it to make a difference so why bother? Even Chipotle gives me more guacamole than that.

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