Monday, October 17, 2011

bklyn larder

I have been dying to go to Bklyn Larder forever, and I finally went with Melissa today. Happiest birthday to one of my favorite food buddies!!!

Melissa's ham & gruyere sandwich

My tuna and anchovy sandwich. I love tuna sandwiches, but I've had so many gross ones that are overloaded with mayo or dripping with mysterious fishy things. This one is definitely great (not the greatest I've had though). It's got capers (good!!) and anchovies in it with sliced hard boiled eggs on top. Instead of mayo, it has a generous amount of olive oil to keep it moist. And that's the kind of drippy sandwich I don't mind. I thought it was a little bit expensive for its size, but I feel like sandwiches in New York cost a lot of money for some reason. I used to think of sandwiches as a cheap meal, but not really any more.

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hay said...

that gruyere looks off the hooook its killing me