Wednesday, October 19, 2011

pad thai

Vegetarian pad thai from Laut in the Flatiron/Union Square. This place is actually a Malaysian restaurant, but they have some Thai food as well and I really wanted pad thai and this was the closest thing when I googled "pad thai + flatiron."

I was trying to not eat out at all this week and bring my lunch to work, but I ate that an hour into my internship. Then I had to go out in the muggy haze/rain (hey Seattle weather) and carry back this package of plexiglass that was almost too big for my arm span. It wouldn't have been so bad, but since when did people stop understanding that "excuse me, please" means "get the hell out of my way"? So I decided I would calm myself down by putting food in my face. This was okay. It tasted good but it was sort of too soft and majorly skimpy on the tofu. This place is supposed to be really even has a Michelin star, which I thought was weird. Maybe I ordered the wrong thing (it was still good). I'll try it again sometime and maybe it will be better. Everyone else at the restaurant seemed to really be into their food.

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