Sunday, September 4, 2011

new food, new home

I moved into my new apartment this past Thursday and it was the longest day of my life, holy cow. The movers were 9 hours late and I spent a lot of that time alternating between fake crying and yelling on the phone with the most miserable people ever. Customer service was not my friend this week.

I went on a (grocery) shopping spree to help me get over the nightmare that was moving day. I bought this salmon which has dijon mustard on it from Trader Joe's, but it was a little bit bland. I think I'll do something to it when I eat the other piece.

SoCal dog plus fried pickles from this hot dog place in Clinton Hill...I forget what it's called. This hot dog was alright, it was good, but not memorable and the toppings didn't really make it stand out like they probably wanted it to. But there were also some other hot dog options that looked better and probably would have tasted great, judging by what the other people were ordering. If I go back, I'm going to get the deep fried, bacon wrapped hot dog with gorgonzola. The fried pickles were good, but the batter didn't stick to all of them. I don't think I've ever had the perfect fried pickle though.

Lobster roll from Lobster Join in Greenpoint. This place is open til 2 AM! Probably because you can count on lots of drunk people to eat $18 lobster rolls. They are super generous with their lobster portions. It's so soft and sweet and just melts in your mouth. It's also not heavy on the mayo and the buns are perfectly toasty and buttery. The fries and coleslaw are whatever, but who cares. Too bad I don't know what's up with taking good pictures or else you could really see how good this lobster roll looks instead of overly fried fries.

Sushi art by David, not the actual rolls though. Or maybe it is. He can make pie too, you know.

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