Saturday, September 17, 2011

things i ate in the east village

Ok, I just spent way too much time trying to figure out what version of the word "hedonism" I should use to describe my week of food indulgence but turns out I'm not smart enough to figure that out so I'm not going to use that word after all. This week I made a lot of excuses for eating way more than my stomach and arteries can handle. But it's getting cold and I need to bulk up for the winter.

From Veniero's on 11th & many Italian desserts. Jeremy and I went there after a big bowl of ramen from Minca. Even though it was late so many people were in there and every person that came in said, "This is my favorite place in the world!" This is a chocolate cup with sponge cake inside and pistachio creme (cream?). The cake layered between the pistachio creme. It was light and airy, which was nice compared to the creme since it was actually thicker than I thought it would be, and it was fun to eat with the crunchy chocolate shell. But I think it was a little too much (sweet) to handle for one person or even two. But also I like to end my meals on a savory note so maybe it's just me. We also had a carrot cake, which was not as spice-y as other ones I've had and a mini raspberry tart. I like the tart the most and would probably get more of those next time. We had pizza later.

From Mark on St. Mark's Place between 2 & 3rd, I think. Sliders with cheese and onions, plus a huge order of fries. God, this girl next to us didn't even eat all of her fries or get them to go. She even had this hungry, whimpering dog and didn't give him any either. I would not be her friend. These sliders are nothing special if you want a good burger, but they're really perfect if you're drunk/starving/hungry/bored...just some soft, greasy little patties that melt in your mouth in a good way and not in the way those nasty White Castle sliders do. Plus if you go at happy hour you can get good beer for cheap to balance it out or something like that. The fries were good too, maybe a little greasy but I liked that they were skin-on fries. They also have 4 different sauces: BBQ, Jalepeno, Chipotle, and regular ketchup which is good if your food is starting to taste a little too satly. The jalepeno is spicy!

From Bite on 14th & 3rd. I went in here randomly because I was hungry and it was the first place I saw. This is an 1/2 an "exotic tuna sandwich" and a salad with balsamic dressing. The salad is good, but just like anything I'd make at home in 5 seconds but the sandwich was so so tasty. I don't really know what made it "exotic" but it's probably the curry, raisins, and walnuts which sounds weird but tastes great. Plus I didn't feel like I was gagging on mayo salad with tuna chunks, which is what happens a lot with tuna sandwiches. This was all $7.50 which I think is a good deal for how much food you get. You can also get soup instead of salad, which I'm gonna do now that summer finally peaced out of NYC.

Not pictured: the multiple slices of greasy, over loaded with meat toppings pizza I ate even though I was not even hungry. Having cheap pizza all around me is a curse. I learned that in Rome and now I am learning it again.

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