Sunday, September 11, 2011


I met KJ for brunch at this place called Maggie Brown in Clinton Hill and it was so great. I sort of regretted my brunch choice when I saw this guy eating a hamburger with a fried egg on top, especially when the egg started getting really drippy. If he had a beard and the egg got into it, I would have been grossed out. But it fell very gracefully onto the plate and I'm pretty sure he mopped it up with his burger. What a great meal.

Breakfast burrito with eggs, cheddar, chipotle mayo and salsa. Plus a salad and homefries.

This was mine-- corned beef hash with 2 fried eggs + chives (which really didn't do anything except make it look nice) and a homemade biscuit. I wish there had been more biscuits so I had a reason to eat all of that butter. It was so flaky and sweet and perfect. The corned beef has was also really excellent, not super oily or salty or too soft. The whites of the eggs were a little less cooked than I would have liked, but once it's spilling everywhere and mixed with the rest of the food, who cares.

I'm glad I got off my lazy ass and walked here because then I realized that even though there is nothing around me within a 7 block radius, everything good is only a 15 minute walk away. I think I got so used to having everything I need around the corner in my old neighborhood that I forgot what it was like to live in Providence and have to walk everywhere for everything. Using my legs...what a great idea.

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