Wednesday, September 21, 2011


The East Village is littered with Japanese restaurants!! I went to Hasaki because according to David, it's the best and he loves sushi more than anybody I know.

Clockwise: Yellowtail roll, something I can't remember, salmon and salmon roe and shiso, spicy tuna roll. It was all delicious and fresh. I really liked the salmon roe and shiso together, and I think that was the best spicy tuna roll I've had. That's all I have to say about that. I could play the "I'm Asian" card and pretend to know about sushi, but I really don't.

Grilled banana and sesame ice cream. This was so good! I thought it would be mushy on mush and all too soft, but it wasn't at all. I know ice cream isn't crunchy, but the sesame make it seem that way and it's nice with the warm, soft banana.

Also, am I on a roll with keeping this thing updated or what? But I also think I am less funny now that I'm trying to have a daily blog. I can only bring the jokes so often.


Julia said...

Don't stop!

David Bryant said...

oh my god desert