Saturday, September 10, 2011

I spent way too much time indoors this past week...unemployment and rain are real good reasons to never shower or change my clothes. Gross. But now I have things to do again, including eating all the food I compulsively bought at the grocery store (4 trips in 3 days, BORED).

From Nick's Burger Joint with Joey. I imagine this is what RISD cafeteria food would look like if it was served in a diner, which I guess is just a few steps up. Egg salad many of my meals were used up on these sandwiches at the Met. This one was good, nothing special, but also this sort of sandwich is not really a special thing anyway. I wish it wasn't cut into was too hard to eat my left overs on the train ride home.

This omelete looks huge but it was really only 1 egg. With sausage, tomatoes, onions, avocados, and little bit of goat cheese hiding in there.

Lots going on in this salad bowl. It's like Cobb salad, who are you kidding when you order it and say, "Oh well, I'll get fries too since I'm eating a salad." But I really wanted vegetables and proscuitto and eggs so I just put it all in a bowl. It worked out fine for me!

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