Sunday, August 21, 2011

costco mania

Since I'm moving into a new apartment with no furniture or anything, I have been hunting for good deals and obviously Costco is where the fun is. So my parents took my mom's name off their Costco card and put mine on it. Since then I have seriously abused my Costco card privileges. My mom says she wants to take my name off of it now that I have the things I need, but I think she just misses it. I NEED IT MORE THAN SHE DOES. In two days, I have visited all 3 Costcos in the New York City area. I've always known that Costco is the best but it didn't really hit me because since I've never gone there to shop for myself. Now I know, and it is dangerous territory. My mom keeps trying to give me this advice about how shopping at Costco can actually end up being more expensive because she knows I will buy everything and I only have to feed myself. But I am in complete control.

Neal and I went to the Brooklyn Costco and wasted away nearly two hours freaking out. If we had only a little bit less self control, we would have walked out of there with a digital camera, a jumbo back of peanut m&ms, wasabi doritos, lobster tails, ribs, and cocktail shrimp. And a box of Bagel Bites. We only ended up with bagels, the ingredients to make our dinner and a set of frying pans. Except neither of us had bags or one of those crazy lady carts, so it was a little bit of a work out (for Neal) to get those things on the train and back home. I have to invest in a cart.

So we got steak, obviously. This is not a hot picture, and it looks sort of gray, but I promise you it was super delicious. I cooked it the way Erik told me to, with a lil bit of sea salt and pepper rubbed into it, cooked in butter til its brown on both sides, then put in the oven for about 10-15 minutes. Holy cow (HAHA), so juicy and meaty. I also made those mushrooms in the steak butter juice with garlic and wine. Also excellent. Same goes for the mashed potatoes. And we also made some salad with goat cheese, walnuts, and pears.

There was also a big piece of wild salmon that this guy I work for gave to me. I would have cooked it another day but I immediately hopped on a train after work to go to Costco because I only thought we would have 15 minutes to shop. Turns out we had a lot more time and so the fish sort of sat out for a bit. I found a pack of frozen shrimp to keep it cool while we shopped. We cooked that with just salt pepper and lemon, and it was very flaky and tasty.

Then vanilla ice cream with warm peaches and walnuts (thx Rachel)

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