Saturday, February 16, 2013

sandwiches from this week

I ate a lot of sandwiches this week.

Roast beef sandwich with pickled mushrooms and potato chips from No. 7 Sub (in Greenpoint)
 Ok, lately I feel like I'm always in "how can review this food" mode. I can't get out of it, and now it's kind of annoying. But while I'm in that headspace, a few notes about this sandwich: potato chips on a sandwich have to be done right or else it's just a good idea in theory and not in real life. If you use ruffle chips or lays or something, they get way too soggy, especially in a juicy-ish sandwich like this one. It's gotta be something sturdier, like kettle cooked chips. Besides, I think the chip-stuffing should be left to the eater, not the sandwich maker. They just end up spending too much time getting limp in the sandwich before you can eat it. Also, another thing, this bread had SUCH a flaky crust, not even in a good way. I'm hoping this was a fluke because I usually like No. 7 Sub. The mushrooms were good though...when I actually got a bite of them. Really gotta loosen the purse strings on those mushrooms, guys.

Pretzel and chocolate chip cookie 

Decided to try a different banh mi place: Saigon Vietnamese Sandwich Deli
First bite: the bread is so soft but and still a little crusty, pork is good, not dry and crumbly. Every bite after that: not enough pork, a lot of sweet carrots! Also, why do none of these vegetables taste very tangy or pickled? There are too many cilantro stems. Whine, whine whine! I'm going to come back and try a different sandwich, because I think there were enough good elements to make me curious.

 Quesadillas are sandwiches, right? 

It's so hard to mess this up, but people do. I like the little bit of crust on the tortilla. The guacamole was bland and boring. Rice and beans were rice and beans, kind of hard to mess those up too. Pretty sure I filled my cheese quota for the month eating that. And I'd do it again. 

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