Sunday, February 17, 2013

a poached egg

When I woke up, I found a dried piece of smoked mozzarella stuck to my leg. Apparently I had fallen asleep on top of the cheese, and it pressed into my sheets. Now there is a sad and large grease mark on my bed and on my sweats. So it's really amazing how good I feel right now, so weird. I guess it was all that water I gulped down before falling asleep (and before eating cheese in bed, apparently).

I decided to poach an egg to celebrate how un-crappy I felt. I'm usually really horrible at poaching eggs, but I think I did a pretty decent job this morning. I probably could have let it cook a little more, but I was being impatient. 


Also, I know that everyone who reads this already knows, but just wanna say "HEY WHAT'S UP" to my friend Sarah Richards and her very excellent new collection. You could have all this:  


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