Sunday, February 3, 2013

early super bowl snacks

Hey guys, I learned one new thing about football this year. "Super Bowl" is actually two words, not one. Obviously I fall into that category of people that "celebrates" the Super Bowl for snacks. That was supposed to happen today, I guess. But then yesterday, we were wandering around Chelsea and realized that we don't need a football game to justify making Buffalo wings and tater tot nachos. No rules! I live my life on the edge. Ugh, yeah.

Buttery, vinegary, saucy, you know...these don't look as red as they did in real life. Thank you, yellow kitchen lights. We improvised, but next time I think I'll try to make one of these.

tot-chos, layers 1 (tots) , 2 (cheese, duh) and 3 (black beans and scallions)

Unfortunately the guacamole looks like a more solid version of the Nickelodeon green slime, even though it tasted nothing like that. But making tot-chos is like trying to wear leather pants, which I have only tried to do once and actually, they were probably pleather. That was the worst 25 minutes I've ever spent inside an Urban Outfitters dressing room. Anyway, the point is that tot-chos are like leather pants. You just can't make them look nice.

Layers 5 (pico de gallo) and 6 (sour cream and jalapenos)

 Next time, there will be more interesting vegetables. But really, who was thinking about vegetables besides the ones that came in tater tot form?

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