Saturday, March 31, 2012


One of my favorite favorite things besides anything food related, is stone lithography. It is such a beautiful and amazing printmaking technique, but not that many people do it anymore!  I haven't done any since I graduated, which bums me out because it's such a tricky thing to learn, and I felt like I was just hitting the tip of the litho iceberg and then college ended, and now I have forgotten so much. But I'm hoping to take an advanced (haha yeah right) class soon! Anyway, I met this lady at Pace who came in for a while to help print some etchings, and she is a (Tamarind) litho queen and nerd too, and it was nice to freak out about litho with somebody who I can learn a lot from. Look at her website here:

ALL OF THIS IS LEADING TO WHY I ATE THESE she had me and some others over for dinner. That's all. She made all the dough and the sauce from scratch, and there is really nothing like homemade pizza, it's its own category of pizza...just like how there are burger categories. It was all amazingly delicious.

Sweet potato, mushroom, and basil pizza 
This was sort of a sweet pizza, which I like so much with the salty cheese. Not sweet like candy, but the way vegetables can be made savory-sweet, like carrots.

Brussell sprouts, mushrooms, red peppers

Sweet potato and brussell sprouts...and something else? I can't remember, but I know that this one was my favorite one. There was also a fourth pizza but after steadily eating my way through 3 pizzas, I lost any will to move and take more pictures...on my iPhone. Yeah, it was that good and filling.


Dining Alone said...

I love home made pizzas, those look awesome

Catherine said...

Dear Lily, you have a wonderful blog and I am so happy to have stumbled upon it! Homemade pizzas are my favorite...I have always made my own. Yours looks absolutely delicious! Blessings for a beautiful weekend, your friend, Catherine xo