Sunday, March 18, 2012

four & twenty blackbirds

Kate and I had to go out to Gowanus to deliver something to the Pace Paper shop, which is so beautiful, by the way. But I guess not as beautiful as the pie shop around the corner from them, because no matter how much I like art and printmaking and paper and whatever, food always wins. Oops, B.F.A, bad idea? Just kidding.

Maple buttermilk custard
We ate this one in the shop, which is this beautiful wooden space that looks like Portland. This pie is so decadent and amazingly delicious. It's been a while since I ate it, so I can't really remember how to describe it, but it was sort of like flan pie. But better than flan, and who doesn't like flan?

Salted caramel apple

Salted honey
I liked this pie the most. I don't eat a lot of sweets or desserts mostly because I always have to follow them up with something salty and savory. This is why brunch can be the best meal because you can have salty and sweet things together, like bacon and french toast...and oh look, oops, some maple syrup got on my bacon and I have to eat it.  Anyway, this is why this pie is so good, because it does the salty-sweet thing in such a good, perfectly balanced subtle way, not like kettle corn.

Where the magic happens


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Dining Alone said...

I feel the same about sweets and desserts but those pies sound amazing.