Saturday, March 3, 2012

KORZO HAUS (best burger ever)

So last week I went to Korzo Haus with some people I work with. But when I say "some people" I mean that with a lot of affection and love, not like "some people" from off the street or that I went to high school with or ...something. Anyway, THIS PLACE RULES!!! It is amazing and I have found my favorite burger in New York and maybe the world. I mean, I know I've been here less than a year, but I have eaten a lot of burgers in the past 9 months!

They have a daily burger special called "The Steven," which I think is the name of the guy who makes the burgers. This day it was nutella and pickled jalepenos, which sounds so crazy and I would totally try it, but I wanted to try the original one first. Another day...

The Original burger is a beef patty, apple smoked bacon, allgauer emmentaller cheese, mustard and whatever their pickled thing for the day is. This day it was pickled celery, and it was really good. The burger is then wrapped in...get this...Hungarian fried bread, called Langos. Served with apples, cabbage slaw, and aioli. There are no words for the magic that happened when I took my first bite. The cheese is so creamy and a little pungent which goes so well with the nice, fatty bacon. But then the pickles complement it all so well, with a little sourness and crunch. Same with the slaw and apples, you don't need much more than a few bites of that, because the burger is so good (I couldnt even finish it), but it really does help balance out the heaviness of it all.

Ann's "Slav" burger, which is a ground beef patty, slow-cooked pork neck Haus sauerkraut, caraway seeds, juniper berries, bryndza. Kristen got the veggie burger, but it didn't come out very well in my pictures since it's so dark in there, but apparently it was amazing.

 Halušky fries, which are basically little potato noodles
They make their own beet ketchup and hot sauce, both amazing as well!! There were some dudes next to us having a bro night or something, and they ordered some of the other amazing looking food, like the mac and cheese and potato salad, in addition to their burgers!! I can only dream of a bottomless stomach pit like that. We should have tasted some of it.

 Korzo Haus serves "mittle European comfort fare" (apparently mittle = middle, who knew), which I'm not sure I really knew what that was, but if it's all like the food the serve there, I will move to somewhere in "mittle" Europe. There's a location in Brooklyn too just called "Korzo" and I guess it's a little different, but I'd like to try it. Everything is locally sourced and seasonal, and soooo good. Holy cow. Really.

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