Monday, March 19, 2012

rye bread

There's a Finnish (I think) stand at the market in Union Square that sells 100% rye bread on the weekend. Lots of rye bread contains a bunch of different flours and isn't 100% rye, and rye is apparently is better for losers like me who are "sensitive" to gluten. The bread is super thick and has got a nice bite to it, and it's really delicious and hearty, so perfect for this ham sandwich I made. But I don't think it could ever replace sourdough bread or baguettes or really any bread that's got that nice crusty outside and insides so soft you wanna squish it into a ball, but that's gross and only really processed Wonderbread does that.

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Dining Alone said...

my husband will never give up his wonder bread :) I call it his little kid bread. I have never had a true rye bread but that looks really tasty.