Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ann is leaving Pace, and that's a real bummer. But she's also going off to do her own work and other big great things in Germany and her studio, which I am really going to encourage her to name after me. ;-) This is a winky face, emoticons don't communicate my joke-y tone very well, do they? So anyway, it's really not so sad after all, like how parents are happy-sad when their kids go to college, except that Ann is older and infinitely wiser than me, and I have no children so I don't really know what that feels like. She had a studio-warming party, but I was too busy trying to eat snacks that I forgot to take a picture of the actual studio, so I stole this one from her:

Isn't it so nice? Here is her website with all her wonderful work:

There is a big table in the middle that was covered with food. The best part is that since it's not a very big space, hanging around the snack table doesn't look like you're only trying to socialize with the food because that's really the most spacious place to hang out anyway...right?

Kathy's husband, Richard, made caponata, which is a Sicilian vegetable salad type dish with eggplant. And it was so so delicious, it would have been great if I could have just eaten it straight from the spoon. Plus, Richard lived and travels around Italy every year, so he knows his stuff.

He also made terrine! I've actually not had very much pate or terrine, although in my head, I always assumed I liked it a lot, so this was a great way to back up those assumptions. It's more solid like meatloaf and not spreadable like pate, and I think I prefer that because it feels more substantial. And you can make sandwiches out of it. I keep scrolling back up as I'm typing this to go have a look at the picture again and try to remember how good it tasted and how that was a really good moment when I ate some.

That's all I have to say, and I'm pretty sure that was my response when this beautiful platter showed up.

Then there were 3 pizzas from Sullivan St. Bakery, and they were the kind that's just bread and whatever toppings are on other, no sauce or crust, you know all that stuff

This one was zucchini, the one above was mushroom, and there was a potato one as well, but the picture was too blurry. The potato was my favorite because there's something really great about eating starch on top of starch.

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