Monday, March 12, 2012

food blobs

Some food from last week

 Spring rolls from Go-Go Thai, really really fresh and good. Here's a tip though: make sure you add the word "restaurant" after Go-Go Thai if you need to google it, unless you want some sexy Thai ladies

The nice thing about working near Union Square is that the farmer's market is so close!! I finally decided/realized that it would be a good idea to buy most of my lunch groceries at the market and leave it at work so I'm not always waking up too late to make lunch and then instead, "having" to eat a pork belly sandwich or something.  For this, I got spinach and mesclun mix, an apple, and caramelized onion and butternut squash focaccia at the market, and then got some gorgonzola and an avocado at Whole Foods.


kathy said...


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Dining Alone said...

that salad looks delicious! I so want a pork belly sandwich now :)