Wednesday, December 14, 2011


 So, I've been interning at Pace Editions for a few months now, and I really dig it. It gives me some sense of purpose while I uselessly flop around like a fish looking for a "real job."  Plus, I think it's the coolest place ever and I'm lucky that I get to work there. REALLY. I'm not just saying that because maybe, maybe, maybe one of them will read this. Printmaking is so great, and it makes me happy (and sort of freaked out) to be around people who are making prints and are so good at it too. Maybe if some generous stranger gives me my weight in gold, I won't have to get a job and I can intern there forever. Anyway, today we went to lunch at Rye House.

 Everyone said the burger was good, so that's what I got. They were right. Kathy says she only eats about one burger a year and this is the one burger. I don't understand why she only eats one burger a year. I think I've eaten enough burgers this year alone to last Kathy for the rest of her life and then some. The only weird thing that I have to say about this burger is that the patty is really cute. It looks like a cartoon burger, all round and fat. I just wanted to poke my finger through it, and that's a good thing.

Cheese envy
I didn't get cheese on my burger. For once, I decided to listen to the lactose intolerant voice in my head. The burger was so delicious enough on its own, but I still regret not getting cheese. Or bacon. This is Justin's burger and he got both. This is always the smart choice and the right choice.

Way to go with the burger toppings

Then there was dessert

And more dessert...This is apple cobbler with vanilla ice cream. I love warm desserts with ice cream. I would have stuck my face in it if it was bigger and I wasn't sharing it with people I didn't want to embarrass myself in front of. And also if I wasn't in public and not 5 years old.

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