Friday, December 23, 2011


My best friend has started dating a German (hi Milly), and he's visiting for Christmas. The day he flew in, he made us all this tasty German food!! I don't really know what German food is...and I think he was too tired to explain anything to me. So this is my best guess at what it all is:

Thin pancakes made with clarified butter

 The pancakes get cut up into noodle-y strips and this vegetable broth gets poured over them, SO GOOD!!!! I thought the pancakes were going to be used for a dessert type food, but this was a good savory surprise.

I'm not sure how he made these...I know there's bread chunks, flour, parsley, and onions


This beef gets covered in some sort of gravy, but I have no clue what was in it. It was sort of sweet, I think, and not the flavor that I was expecting, but again, really really good.