Sunday, July 1, 2012

bibim bap

Dolsot bibim bap reminds me of home a lot but I dunno know why. I really miss Seattle so much though, especially now that it's summer time and I feel sweaty and gross all the time. Anyway, "dolsot" means "stone pot" and it's the best way to have this. It keeps the rice so hot the whole time, which helps cook the raw egg. And the best part is that at the very bottom the rice gets a little burned and crispy, so then you get to scrape at the bottom of the bowl to and get these little rice chips. 

Today I'm gonna make some "Jucy Lucys." See ya!


Dining Alone said...

Someday I will have this, it is on my list of things I MUST try.

Lily said...

it's super easy to make, and you can basically use whatever vegetables you want! there are lots of recipes on the internet though.