Sunday, July 8, 2012

BBQ 2 ways

I've been in a sweaty bbq haze these days. I can barely remember what day it is and where I am. I guess that means it's summer. Jeremy had an impromptu bbq last night, and he got so into it.  So much good food. Then this afternoon, barely 12 hours after Jeremy's, I invaded Dan's patio again so we could grill breakfast foods. I did a little sweating over the grill then decided to lounge in the shade, let Neal and Jer take over and be a backseat grill-er instead. I'm so bossy. There was so much food and it was such a feeding frenzy. Plus I was not sober and hot, and being hot makes everything fuzzy, so here are some whatever pictures that sort of document the bbqs.

 ribs pre-grill

beer can chickens pre-grill
the beer in the can really keeps the chickens moist


also cooked

a dramatic flash picture, not really that burned

 i have no idea what is happening on this plate but it's mostly meat, grilled vegetables, and pickled vegetables and various condiments

breakfast spread: sausages, chicken sausages, spicy cheese, vegetables, berries, scrambled eggs, tortillas (for breakfast burritos), bacon, frozen trader joe's waffles, pre-made trade joe's hasbrowns, etc

grill pt. 1
Grilled bacon is such a good idea, all the fat drips into the bottom and cooks the bacon nicely. I guess we could've cooked it a little crispier but I got impatient. Also, I hope nobody is shaking their head at the pre-made hashbrowns, it's just so much easier that way and also, really, does it taste that much better homemade anyway? It's still semi-home made, right? Come on.

 waffles and toast
Ok so the waffles are pre-made, and they probably would have been better had they been homemade. I would've put bacon bits and cheddar in the waffles. Or maybe berries and chocolate chips. But I don't have a waffle iron, and I don't have anything against frozen waffles anyway. I should've bought some pop-tarts too.

watermelon and zucchini and tomatoes mingling with some mushrooms and meat
Neal used this for watermelon gazpacho (not including the mushrooms and sausage, ha)

 oh and mimosas and some condiments
There were also some blueberry crepes that got thrown on the grill in the end, it was a good dessert

So I don't know if grilling things actually made this breakfast taste better, but it was fun so why not? Well no, it did taste better. 

breakfast burrito pre-grill


watermelon gazpacho

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Dining Alone said...

Holy awesome breakfast! I haven't had beer can chicken in a long time, I need to make it again.