Monday, July 30, 2012

DuMont Burger

Sometimes there are days when you wake up and realize what a huge doofus you are, right? Like woah, you can't even believe it and the only way to quash that weird tingling inside your brain is to eat something that will make you so full that your body nearly stops functioning. Also, looking back on this blog, it's a miracle I don't have to be rolled around the street like a giant ball of a human.

So here it is, the fish sandwich from DuMont Burger. It's fried skate on a brioche bun, comes with all the necessary vegetables and homemade tartar sauce, which I regret not slathering all over the fish. It was really good. You gotta keep the fried things fried right, you know? Crispy on the outside and soft and flaky and flavorful on the inside. Same with the onion rings too, there was no weird batter-slippage leaving me with only slippery, oily onions. The onions were actually a little bit crunchy still, which I liked.


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