Monday, July 16, 2012


I always get really excited when my friends have food places to take me because I feel like I'm always the one hounding them to try new places with me. Does that sound snotty? It's not supposed to. Yeah, so Laurel took me to her favorite soba place, Cocoron, and it was wild. For my tastebuds. Now I'm all about the soba.

Laurel's soba, I forget what was in it. 

Kimchi soba with apples and an almost raw egg

When you mix in the egg, it creates this creamy saucy mixture, which goes so well with the kimchi. These people know what's up. And the APPLES. Oh the apples, those were so good too. Like a little bit sweet and tart to go along with the spicy, sour, creamy, eggy everything else. The noodles too! I mean, obviously, the star of the show, but they were a little chewier than I usually have had soba, like it was just dunked real quick in some boiling water. But it was great and I assume that's how all soba should be eaten and I've just been doing it wrong.

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