Thursday, July 19, 2012

spumoni gardens + a birthday spread

Last weekend we went way out to Spumoni Gardens, the pizza heaven of my dreams that I hadn't actually been to before. Supposedly the best Sicilian slice in Brooklyn, among other Italian food. Dreams do come true, guys.

 This is a "half box"

So the way they make their pizza is to put down the mozzarella first. Then the sauce. Then pecorino romano all powdered on top. Putting down the cheese first is what makes the pizza so good because it gets all melty from the inside and creates this doughy, chewy center. And it's a sauce barrier. Just like lettuce on a sandwich is a moisture barrier.

See that cheesey doughy center? Yeah. Can you dig it?

Spumoni ice cream

It was also Rachel's birthday! Some people just know how to celebrate the right way. I didn't get any close up pix because...I guess I was too hungry and too distracted. It was a Scandinavian feast, how could I not be? 

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