Friday, July 13, 2012

Paulie Gee's

I love Paulie Gee's. That guy makes good pizza. When I got there, there was a tv crew in there and I freaked out and started furiously texting Melissa to hurry up so we could be on T.V. I really just wanted to plug my blog. Well, I didn't (read: choked up and couldn't) and I'm fairly certain my footage will never air because I was giggling through the whole thing. At one point I dropped a slice of pizza in some water while I was trying to casually pass it to Melissa. Ugh. But you know, they did film me eating my pizza because nobody else ordered it, so maybe that'll get my face on T.V. Should've written the link to this blog on my forehead though. Another time, I guess.

Melissa's Hellboy: fior di latte, italian tomatoes, berkshire sopressata piccante and parmigiano reggiano with spicy honey

This is their best pizza and my favorite, but I've got a lot of other pizzas to try.

Nick's Spectacle 261: fior di latte, speck, sliced cremini mushrooms, sliced red onions and milled black pepper

My pizza, but I forget what it was called. It was the one with guanciale. And fior di latte, italian tomatoes, pecorino and leeks too. It was everything I wanted it to be, especially after that out of body experience I had eating the "cheek corea" salad. The tomatoes are nice n sweet, which helped even out the saltiness of the guanciale (which was amazing, by the way, but not as crispy as what I had on the cheek corea salad). And the fior di latte adds a nice creamy softness to it all.

Look ma, I'm famous! 

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Dining Alone said...

Can I have your autograph? ;) The pizza looks awesome.