Sunday, March 24, 2013

windy weekend food

It's still so cold, but from the inside, the weather looks beautiful and you don't have to feel the sting of the wind. It makes me wanna eat like this:

Bloody Mary from Brooklyn Label
More vegetables! There are never enough. If restaurants were less skimpy with their pickled vegetables, I wouldn't need to have anything else for breakfast. 

Bagels and lox, nothing special except for those grated/shredded eggs on top?? So weird, but good.

Went to Corner Bistro and got a window-ish seat

I love Corner Bistro, but I can't totally explain why. Their burgers aren't the greatest-- the patty is too huge and the bread lacks structural integrity, which sounds stupid but really, it's so weak! Unless you have snake-jaw and can eat this whole thing in one bite, that bread is going to fall apart so fast. It wouldn't be as much of a problem if the patty was smaller. But despite all that, it's still one of my favorites burgers in New York. I think it's just the feel of the place and how straight-forward it is, like something your parents would make on the patio for the 4th of July. That, plus french fries and a cold root beer, makes for a good Friday afternoon.

Salted caramel and chocolate soft serve with cocoa nibs from Victory Garden, also in the West Village. Spending a weekday afternoon in the West Village is a nice way to pretend that I'm rich. Dream big, you know?

Oh P.S. this soft serve is made with goat's milk. It's amazingly good. The chocolate was my favorite because it had just the right hint of tangy-iness. The salted caramel was great too, but a little TOO goat milk-y for me. It's so creamy. 

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