Monday, March 18, 2013

Los Hermanos

What is up with this weather? It totally blows. Anyway, Mexican food. What's the usual speech about the lack of good Mexican food in New York? People need to learn to travel more than 10 blocks for food because there's good Mexican food here. It's called Sunset Park, y'all. But also, whatever because I'm from Seattle, not L.A. (or you know, Mexico...) so what do I know? I'll eat it all. These tacos from Los Hermanos (in Bushwick) weren't the best best I've ever had, but still totally delicious and way less of a pain to get to.

I ordered 3 items (a canitas taco, a chorizo taquito, and a steak toastada) because I thought they'd all be pretty different, aside from the varying fillings. I don't know why I thought that because it turns out, they're all the kind of same thing. I guess I thought a taquito would be one of those bastardized taco tubes that come frozen at Trader Joe's and I really wanted one. But it just was a small taco. Duh. Yeah, so here's the toastada in the pre-sauce stage. I got the steak.

Post sauce
They are not skimpy on the avocados. I liked the crunchy, fried tortilla, but it was kind of hard to eat. I'm actually not sure what the best way to eat it is. I just went for the half-face plant option. I liked the tostada mostly because there were avocados and more toppings since it didn't have to get all folded up. I'm a greedy eater.

 I would include a picture of both the taco and taquito, but they look the same. This also basically looks like the tosdada, but you can see a little bit of the chorizo poking out. A little bit spicy, just enough for me.

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