Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Carroll Gardens Classic Diner

Woof, work has kept me super busy and in serious no-friends mode. Ok, work has been fun, but by last weekend, I started having friend withdrawals after mostly interacting with hungry people. Also, waitressing has turned me into one of those people that says "ladies" a lot. As in, "Hi ladies, how's your wine?" Is that not weird? I don't know why, but it used to drive me totally crazy when waitresses would say that in a "I'm talking to you like a baby" voice, but now I'm that person. Go figure.

Anyway, so I actually managed to stay alive after work last Saturday so I could finally see some real people (not that customers aren't real people...), and short story kept even shorter: it ended at this diner in Carroll Gardens, which is sort of a weird place to be at 4 am. At the time, I thought I had made the greatest decision in the world, but we all know how things look in hindsight. 

I mean, 1 pm on a Sunday afternoon, and I would have been thinking up all the negative things to say about this pastrami sandwich, but during the sleepy super early morning, all I had were good thoughts and happy feelings. I still think they went too heavy on the sauerkraut and too easy on the pastrami. Fries were no good though. Nothing can cloud my judgement on french fries.

This is sad french toast, but when it's doused in syrup, you can be sure the whole thing is gonna get eaten

These looked like Funyuns, tasted like soft funyuns. Can't remember if there were really onions in there or it was just all onion flavored batter...

 OK definitely the best thing all night. Nikki and John ran into us and ordered some really depressing matzo ball soup and these mozzarella sticks, and they were so great. It's breaded and fried cheese so the chances for failure here are pretty slim, unless your deep fryer is totally broken. I haven't eaten one of these since college, like before the cafeteria decided to count mozzarella sticks as an "entree" instead of a "side" because they had too many calories. Hah, college food.

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