Thursday, January 5, 2012

korean corn dog, sort of

The thing I was most excited about visiting Korea was eating lots of street food. This is a corn dog type thing, but instead of ... corn dog batter... it's this fish cake paste wrapped around a hot dog. And of course it's deep fried. Notice how perfectly the ketchup and mustard meet each other, like the DNA strand of a perfect human. Right? That's what DNA looks like?  Korean hot dogs aren't like the kind you can get in an American grocery store. They're skinnier, less salty, and a little sweet, which I like, but it doesn't really hit the trashy food spot I've developed. I've been eating SO MUCH FOOD.  My family are so nice to me and always buy me anything I want to eat. And I keep eating even though I'm full because I don't want to miss anything.


Dining Alone said...

that ketchup and mustard art is defying gravity, it looks awesome and delicious.

bigdealneal said...

i had that in japan, they had ones with cheese stuffed in it too