Sunday, January 22, 2012

 This is one of my favorite things that I had in Korea. It's the perfect summer food because it's cold and really refreshing, but I would eat it anytime!!! It's a cold chicken broth with noodles, chicken, and loaded with vegetables. You can add vinegar and some sort of mustard/horseradish to make it a little tangy and spicy.

Cold spicy chicken and cucumbers

This was my "I'm back in America" meal...even though I ate 2 hamburgers and 1 pizza in Korea. It wasn't the same!! Actually, it kind of was. 

I haven't had much to blog about since I've been back, which is really sad. I've only been eating smoothies, pita and varying combinations of vegetables and dressings, which is so unlike the way I would rather be eating, but I just don't feel like eating anything else. Trying to be mostly lactose and gluten free is the bane of my existence, especially since I rarely succeed in excluding both from my diet. Plus, I think food poisoning made me scared of food. How do I get back in the water??? Well yesterday I had Taco Bell...but without the cheese or sour cream.

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bigdealneal said...

are you allergic to gluten too now, sheesh, bye bye trashy food days