Monday, July 29, 2013

This week is all about reality checks and keeping things in perspective before freaking out about them. And making peace with stupid things that should be left alone. I don't know what that has to do with any of this food, but I want to sound like I'm being thoughtful and wise, self-help book style. Is it working?

The best self-help method is to eat good food, which is something I do very well. I went to the Lobster Joint in Greenpoint, but there's one in the Lower East Side now, really close to my job. Actually a little bit too close. I know lobster rolls are expensive, but the Lobster Joint has a really good happy hour from 4 to 7. $4 sliders (lobster, fried oyster, crab cake), $4 beers, $4 cocktails, and some other stuff that I didn't bother looking at. Three lobster sliders comes out to just $12, but I'd say its the same amount of food as the lobster roll, which is $17.

 But that $17 also gets you all the sides. Chips are worth it, the pickle is worth it, the coleslaw is not. Not bad, just not exciting on it's own. It works better in a sandwich.

A slightly different photo of my sliders. From the right: fried oysters, coleslaw, a little tartar sauce; basically a lobster roll on a mini bun; mini crab cake and coleslaw. The Lobster Joint gets the frying right--crispy exterior, soft and/or flaky interior, and not greasy. The oyster slider was pretty good, but with choices like the crab cake and lobster, I won't get it again. Probably. Maybe.

Oh and I went to Cocoron last week.

 Their soba is so perfect.

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