Sunday, July 7, 2013

meats on rolls

Summer is the season for hand-holdable foods.

Hot dog with kimchi and kewpie mayo from Dickson's Farmstand Meats at Chelsea Market

I love all kinds of hot dogs, even the Oscar Meyer kind boiled in water, so I don't necessarily feel the urge to eat $5 hot dogs very often. But this is a hot dog I'll be craving all summer. The sausage was juicy and salty (but not the kind of "pumped with sodium" salty a lot of dogs are) and had a really nice snap to it, which those $2-a-pack hot dogs never have. The kimichi and kewpie mayo were fine, but I keep forgetting that these are things I've eaten my whole life. I mean, my mom has been serving me cut up hot dogs and kimichi since I was in elementary school, so this idea is not exactly a revelation for me. So basically, next time, plain dog. The sausage really should shine on its own.

Lobster roll from Luke's Lobster in DUMBO

A lobster roll is one of those foods that I can eat in under a minute, no problem. But I always try to make it last as long as possible so I can savor all that sweet and tender lobster meat. Can you believe they used to feed this stuff to prisoners?

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