Thursday, December 6, 2012

I took a little browse through my posts over the past few months. What I learned is that I only eat bread, cheese, and hamburgers, which I like to eat with bread and cheese because otherwise it's just a meat patty. Occasionally I have some soup or some kind of meat that is generally covered in sauce or fried. This post is no exception. It almost makes me question if I really am lactose intolerant and "sensitive" (haha) to gluten or if I'm just being stupid. But then I'll have one beer or some cheese and later feel I ate a balloon. So I guess love just hurts.

I usually don't have this much cheese. 
 But I took two classes at Murray's the past few days and I've been saddled with all this amazing cheese I need to eat before next week. I can't remember all of the names because I can't find my course packet, it's around here somewhere. But let me tell you about my favorite cheeses. So that first cheese plate at 6 o'clock...the sort of off white one with the beige rind, to the left of the half moon shaped cheese. Ok, got it? So that one is pure decadence. It's a triple creme cheese, 75% butter fat and tastes like cheesey butter. It melts the moment it hits your tongue. On the same plate, with the orange-y rind that looks like Taleggio, that one is called Grayson and it stinks real hard. So obviously it tastes amazing, it's pretty soft, kind of sticky almost, and has this really nice tanginess to it. Then the plate on the top left, the two cheese at 3 and 9 o'clock were my other two favorites. Again, I forget their names but they were harder cheeses that are obviously pretty different from each other, but both have this really wonderful nuttiness and bite to it that I love. I wasn't a huge fan of the blue and goat cheese from these classes. The goat cheese log was pretty mild and good, but the wrapped one was too acidic for me. Same with the blue cheese. And one of them was really salty too. I thought those cheeses were better accompanied by some fruit or honey.

I also made some vegetable barley soup because I figured that it's not great if your meal is 90% dairy. The soup tasted like vegetables. I guess this kind of soup is best when you make your own stock, but I didn't. I like cheese better anyway.

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