Saturday, November 3, 2012

cabin fever

I guess yesterday was Friday? This whole week felt like a surreal weekend. By the 3rd day of sitting around and staying within 1/2 mile of my apartment, it all started to blur together, so by yesterday my brain was close to melting and my body was a little closer to being a soggy lump. Luckily Jeremy and I were totally on the same wavelength and decided we needed to get out and do something. The "getting out" part only involved biking to the grocery store to get ingredients for buffalo chicken, but it counts.

So anyhow, this is what we made. Instead of using wings, we got drumsticks because they were cheaper. And it's just more satisfying than eating something that's not doll food size. We didn't want to deal with deep frying, so we coated the chicken with panko crumbs and baked them, and aside from the brief smoke emergency (ooops, heh) they came out super moist yet crunchy. Then we just ladled on the buffalo sauce, but there wasn't any tossing and coating of all of the drumsticks, it would have been too messy. I felt like I needed to watch sports after this.

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