Monday, November 12, 2012

breakfast club

To be real, this past week sucked so hard, harder than any week has ever sucked before. And just when I thought it wouldn't suck any harder, it sucked even more. I felt like I got beat up in the head. I guess that's how it happens sometimes though, one thing goes bad and then it's just one thing on top of another until you are buried under a pile of suck and everything feels miserable and mean. But now it's Monday, which means that week is over and also that there was breakfast burrito spread. It was a good way to start a new week because it reminded me of all the things that don't suck and make my life very good and happy and nice, like my friends, they're good. You gotta look out for each other and be good to everyone you love and know. Now I feel like Jerry Springer.

Some of the many bloody marys made by Nick, like every little bit was made by him, except the vodka, none of that premixed junk and also, so much better than what you would get at a restaurant brunch. For real! I'm always afraid to order them because I think it's going to be too horseradish-y or too tomato juice-y. Definitely not an issue with these.

Well, I forgot to take a picture of the table with all the fillings. It was hot and I was hungry. But there were scrambled eggs, black beans with green chiles and lots of garlic, peppers, two kinds of sausage, cheese, obviously, and guacamole. Oh and tater tots. I have been SO into tater tots lately, they go with everything! Tater tots are the new black? 

I don't know how or why, but I was so completely full after only one burrito! I mean, I kept snacking on the tots and sausage and cheese...and everything else, so I probably had the equivalent of at least another burrito, but still, that's not a lot. But it felt like I ate 100 of them and I was so drowsy. It hit me like a bunch of frozen 2 lbs bags of tater tots (we ate 2 of these bags) and I fell asleep almost immediately after everyone left. Everyone else looked totally awake though, I don't know why I got so tired. Now it's 6 am and I've been awake for a solid hour and a half. :) 

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