Sunday, June 24, 2012

westville chelsea and a snack

Kathy is away from Pace for a good chunk of the summer, it sort of feels like "mom" is leaving. She took me and Kristin to lunch. I know, so many nice people keep taking me out, I don't know how I got so lucky. We went to Westville Chelsea, and whoa (woah?) it was great. There are actually some leftovers in the studio fridge right now and I'm wondering if I should go in, just to sneak a bite of it...maybe.

We ordered two fish burgers from their daily specials. This was definitely the best fish burger I've ever had. I know I say things like that a lot, and usually by "ever" I mean "in most recent memory," but this time I really do mean best of all time. Or my time. I've only had 3 types of fish burgers: where the fish is breaded and fried like fish and chips style, a salmon burger patty, or that fake square of fish from McDonald's Value Menu, yes SOMETIMES I go there ok, their fries are good. The last one I had was at RISD and Dylan rode on his bike and brought it back to my apartment. Why we did this I can't really remember. Anyway, this burger had lots of different types of fish cooked in this perfect patty with a crunchy crust on the outside, and topped with sprouts to give it a coolness and fun texture too, I think. Everything was just right, not too boring, greasy or overwhelmed by mayo, which are the things that usually keep me away from fish burgers.

Top right corner going clockwise: roasted fennel, korean cucumber salad, fried plantains, roasted artichokes with parmesan cheese. The artichoke was my favorite, and the fennel was also really good, it tasted like curry, I'm not sure why. But fennel is weird, it always tastes like something different every time I eat it. The plantains were a good sweet note to end everything on. The cucumbers were ok, but I might say they were good if I didn't have a Korean mom who can make that with her eyes closed.

I've been living out of cardboard boxes for way too long, and I finally had to go to Ikea and get myself some sort of real furniture. I dragged Neal with me to be my strong arms, so I gave him snacks in return.

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