Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I went to Maggie Brown for breakfast with Matt this weekend. I didn't post a picture of my breakfast because I got the same thing that I had last time, which was corned beef hash in the size of my FACE, for real, two eggs, and a biscuit. But the biscuit was no good this time, it was super mealy and dry and the butter didn't help much. The eggs were cooked perfectly the way I like them though, like half cooked and half runny.

Matt's: cheddar jalapeno grits and fried eggs which are somehow coated in some sort of breading?? We couldn't figure out how they did that, but it was great because it made the eggs crispy, like how the edges of the whites get a little bit crispy. The grits were also so creamy and silky but they were really really rich. I only had a few bites and that was enough for me.

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